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> Esbix injection(P - Aminomethyl Benzoic Acid 50㎎)


Classification : antihemorrhagic agent.

1Ampule (5㎖) contains : P-Aminomethyl benzoic acid (PAMBA) --- 50㎎

Effect and dosage
1) To prevent and treat hemorrhage at the time in and after operation.
2) Specially, at the time of operation of prostate, delivery bleeding the excess of menstruation and inflammation bleeding.
3) Bleeding of leucosis and cirhosis, Bleeding of the metastasized region of the stomach, lung and pancreas.
4) The bleeding by operation accident.
5) Hemorrhage due to hemophilia.
6) To counteract the fibrin dissolved agent at treatment.
7) Allergic inflammation.
8) Eczema and various kind of inflammation(dermatitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, stomatitis)
* To use it by doctor's order. Generally, 1~3Amps/day. Intramuscular or intravenous injection slowly or infusion the mixed with liquid.

Medical action.
1) Superior medical action.
2) Strong effect of antiplasmin (antifibriolysin)
3) Effect of anti-inflammation and anti-allergy.

* For the treatment of haemorrhages resulting from local or generalized hyperfibrinolysis.

Mode of action
* Esbix exerts antifibrinolytic effect by competitive inhibition of plasminogen activators and by inhibition of the plasmin effect.

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