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> Cinepa injection (Cinepazide.maleate 80㎎)

Classification : cerebral and peripheral circulatory agent.

1Ampule (2㎖) contains :
Cinepazide maleate ------ 80㎎

Effect and dosage.
1. Pelvic limbrateritis, diabetic artery disease thromboangitis obliterans, Raynaud's disease.
2. Improvement of various symptoms by follow diseases : brain injury, Cerebral hemorrhage,
Sequelae of encephalorrhagia.
Adult : 160㎎/day, intravenous, intramuscular or artery injection as cinepazide maleate.Otherwise infusion as 320㎎ the diluted with solt solution or 500㎎ glucose solution.

Medical action.
1. An increase action of tears at the region of brain and peripheral selectively.
2. Restoring the assimilation of brain by promoting flow in Glucose.
3. Increasing the supply of oxyen at tissue by promoting disociation ability of oxyen.
4. The effect of various symptoms are excellent, just like sequelae of brain insfraction, cerebral hemorrhage.
5. It didn't affect the pressure and heart rate entirely and almost do not side effect. It's possible to use the aged.

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