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> Veryamin injection

Classification : High-potency amino acid

100ml contains:
Active ingredients;
Aminoacetic acid ----------- 1.568g L-Isoleucine --------------- 0.597g 0.597g
Glutamic acid -------- 0.103g 0.103g L-Threonine ---------------- 0.504g 0.504g
L-Leucine ----------- 1.138g 1.138g L-Triprophan --------------- 0.187g 0.187g
L-Methinonine ------- 0.433g 0.433g L-Tyrosine ----------------- 0.057g 0.057g
L-Valine ------------- 0.69g 0.69g L-Phenylalanine ------------ 0.974g 0.974g
L-Seline ------------- 0.467g 0.467g L-Proline ------------------ 1.063g 1.063g
Cystine -------------- 0.023g 0.023g L-Histidine.HCl ------------ 0.706g 0.706g
Asparraginic acid ----- 0.202g 1.488g Lysine.HCl ----------------- 0.98g 0.98g
L-Arginine.HCl ------- 1.488g 1.488g Xylitol -------------------- 5.00g 5.00g
L-Alanine ------------ 0.821g 0.821g
Sodium Citrate ----------------- 0.05g
Sodium Lactate Solution ----------------------- 1.046g 1.046g
(0.523g as Sodium Lactate)
Sodium Succinate ----------------------- 0.961g 0.961g
Dried Sodium Sulfite -------------- 0.04g 0.04g
PH Controller;
Sodium Hydroxide ------------------ 0.118g 0.118g
Solution; Water for injection ------------------------------ 적량 properly

Effect & dosage
Supply of Amino acid on following:
Low protein symptoms, Low nutrition symptoms, before & post operative

Medical action.
1. Adult: 1-1.5g per kg per day, intravenous injection
2. According to Age and Symptoms increase or decrease properly

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