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> Gelopusin injection(Gelatin-MFG)

Classification : Alternative blood.

In 1 bottle(500㎖) Gelatine MFG(succinylated gelatin)----- 20.0g

Alternative effect at the loss of blood and body fluids.

1) Generally, it used to dropping injection and you can increase the amount by symptoms. At the time of heavy loss of blood, you can drop 500㎖ injection rapidly around 5~10minutes as heat it to 37~40℃.
2) You can exceed use as the common adult for 200㎖ and infant for 300㎖ per ㎏ of weight at the time that cant not supply the blood instantly.

Medical action.
1) Action of anti-plostaglandine.
What is restrained to synthesis of plostaglandine that induced pain, pyrexia, inflammation indicate anti pyretic, analgesia, anti inflammation, and that effect come up to 98% by the result of clinic.
2) Strong effect of analgesic.
The measuring result of the effect of analgesic is 23 times stronger than Acetylsalicylic acid by the way of costa. And also, it is the same effect of analgesic oral administration of Clonixine Iysinate 600㎎ and muscle injection of Morphine 10㎎.
3) Superior action of antipyretic
antipyretic action is 4times stronger than Acetylsaliaylic acid.
4) Rapid action of anti inflammatory.
Comparion result with phenylbutazone after injected Kalagenine at winstar rat is 2.3times strong.

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