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> Crenol injection(Tolperisone. Hcl 100㎎)


Classification : central muscle relaxant.

1Ampule (1㎖) contains : Tolperisone - Hcl ------ 100㎎

Effect and dosage.
1) The disease of muscle and bone structure go with a pain of muscle twitch, lumbago arthropathy, traumatic pain, etc
2) Muscle twith due to the disease of nervous system.
Adult : 100㎎ per time, 2 times/day by intramuscular or intravenous injection as the tolperisone - Hcl.

Medical action
1. Action by spinal reflex : To restrain single Synapse and multi-synapse at anesthetized cat by Urethane and Spinal cat.
2. Action of anti-spasm : To restrain the spasm of Mouse by electrostimulation and Nicotine, etc. Specially, restrain strongly tetanus.
3. Action by awakening reflection of a brain wave : There is restrain reflection by dependent-dosage.
4. Having a wide range of field for treatment and effect of the spasm of muscle caused by Extra pyramidal system.

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